Easy, efficient and
sustainable hand sanitizer

The first handy hydroalcoholic gel dispenser Made in France that will optimize the application of hydroalcoholic gel anywhere and anytime!

Precise dose
Multiple devices
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A product to facilitate hand hygiene and better for the planet!

Hand sanitizers currently flood the market, its containers create a huge mass of plastic waste, and at the same time the cross-transmission of microorganisms by contaminated hands are more present than ever!

compliance with official public health recommendations and in order to reduce threats endangering the planet, Tweeky solutions has designed a range of suitable products, to facilitate and optimize the use of your hydroalcoholic gel in all circumstances.

How Tweeky makes your life easier

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Inside Tweeky Solutions

Valenciennes, France
« Create a solution to facilitate hand hygiene »
After 14 years of experience as an engineer at Decathlon, I took the turn of entrepreneurship in order to give a deeper meaning to my actions, and to ensure that they are useful to society.
After several studies and numerous field observations, creating a solution to facilitate hand hygiene seemed essential to us. It is for this purpose that we created the company Tweeky Solutions.
Saint-Denis, La Réunion
« Field health professional, I particularly like this contact with reality »
As a field health professional, I like this contact with reality. I noted during my therapeutic care that certain aspects can be improved with a simple and accessible answer.
It seems essential to me to be an actor in everyday life and to try to provide clear answers to a problem encountered. For me, Tweeky Solutions fits perfectly into this perspective, a simple response through a device within everyone's reach and for everyone's well-being.
Vevey, Suisse
« Improving hand hygiene in the current health period and for the future »
After various professional experiences in various sectors, exploring new horizons has become a driving force.
Developing a project to improve hand hygiene in the health period that we know and for the future, all in an ethical approach therefore appeared as obvious.
Our start-up and people who make it live
June 2020 : Project start-up with the 3 founders
August 2020 : First prototype
April 2021 : Patent application
May 2021: New ventures access into Rives Créatives
August 2021: Brand launch on social medias
Prototypes validated
First production of a pre-factory
Validation for in-use