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Tweeky Solutions is a fusion of 3 minds eager to get involved in a noble cause: Jaouad EL KHALKI, engineer in France, Mehdi EL MAKHOUKHI, liberal nurse on Reunion Island. Maxime BERNARD, in charge of sporting events in Switzerland.

Ideology has no borders, neither do the forces of conviction!

Driven by the same dynamic and this, for several years, these 3 adventurers have invested tirelessly in the implementation of eco-responsible devices intended to improve hand hygiene in order to help reduce the so-called "hand-carried" infectious transmissions.

And so, through a long thinking process, this common vision brought Tweeky's project.

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Our mission and goals

Giving meaning to a practice is based on the freedom of informed choices, which is why the Tweeky Solutions team is committed to giving meaning to the practice of hand hygiene. Our first objective is to make this essential gesture of daily hygiene more accessible, more effective and ESPECIALLY without harming the planet.

Much more than a hygiene problem

Although hydroalcoholic solutions are ubiquitous on the market, hand-held infectious transmissions and the consumption of plastic bottles are constantly increasing...

The challenge

Before the pandemic, hand hygiene was an issue that exclusively concerned the healthcare industry.

Before the appearance of this health context, the promotion of hand hygiene was a theme that exclusively concerned healthcare establishments. Today, everyone was able to become aware of the importance of practicing hand hygiene.

Ignorance or "preconceived ideas" can sometimes lead to misuse of the hydroalcoholic solution and cause "undesirable" effects contrary to the expected effects, while causing reluctance to use it.

Overconsumption of single-use plastic

The widespread use of single-use plastics such as masks, gloves, or bottles of sanitizers...

The widespread use of single-use plastics such as masks, gloves, or bottles of sanitizers created a massive disruption in the supply chain and waste disposal system.

The main purpose in this crisis management was not to take on the treatment circuits for this type of waste or even raise awareness for the adoption of dynamic waste management strategies targeted at reducing it.

Tweeky Solutions is part of a preventive dynamic

Optimizing the application of hand sanitizer

Our product respects and delivers doses of hydroalcoholic gel recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) for a more suitable and more effective use of hydroalcoholic gel.

Tweeky facilitates hand hygiene to help prevent the risk of hand-carried infections.

Fighting single-use plastic

One of our biggest goals is to educate consumers to be environmentally responsible by limiting any consumption of materials that would be harmful for the planet. Our products are made in France to limit pollution caused by transportation.

Tweeky also helps reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic, by creating a re-fillable and re-usable product made from recycled materials.

Contribute to the local business

We develop a product Made in France which makes it possible to work with local partners in order to create jobs around us; the majority of our materials and components are supplied in France to guarantee the quality of our products and quick delivery.

We are working with an ESAT network to participate in the economic and social actions of our territory. To make it accessible and inclusive to everyone. Tweeky Solutions offers a quality device at a competitive price.

Innovate in the use of hydroalcoholic gel

Tweeky facilitates the use of hydroalcoholic gel thanks to its innovative distribution system that allows it to fit in a compact volume, making it easy to carry.

In order to make it accessible at all times, our system comes with various accessories which allow it to fit multiple flat surfaces (phones, laptops, cars, etc.), on your wrist, on your belt, on a pocket or for your handbag.

All Tweeky products are delivered with a magnetic base to provide a very easy remove and install process in one single gesture.

The team at the heart of innovation

Tweeky Solutions is the start of an adventure that has been driving us for several months thanks to a bunch of people who joined us and contributed to our story!