Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Tweeky is an eco-responsible product?

Tweeky products are mainly made with recycled materials for polypropylene parts (rigid parts), these parts can be recycled again at the end of their life. Its packaging is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, no plastic bag is used to protect the product.

Its design was thought without electronics to help the recycling process, and promote the supply of these components locally. The assembly also has been shaped in order to keep it as easy as possible and allow us to carry out local production for close and quick delivery, but also to minimize the impact of transport.

How many doses Tweeky Bloc can deliver?

Tweeky Bloc 16 has a hydroalcoholic gel capacity of 16 ml, i.e. 16 doses of 1 ml. Tweeky Twins is made of 2 blocks of 16 ml, so it has 32 doses in total. Tweeky Bloc 100 has 100 doses of 1 ml (2022).

In a healthcare centre, the WHO recommendation is to use 3ml per dose. Outside of it, make sure to use a dose that completely cover the surface of your hands.

The problem is currently under study to help consumer to choose the ideal dose according to the body type. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more!

Are there different sizes for the Tweeky Band bracelet?

For the Tweeky Band you will have the choice between an adult or child bracelet.

Is the product customizable?

First, you will have a product range of colors carefully selected by our team.
Soon, you will be able to personalize your product:

  • pick a different color (either plain or even bi-color)

  • add your personal or company logo

  • add a QR code (list of guests, site map, program, etc.) during an "incentive" event, meeting...

Can the bracelet cause discomfort on your wrist?

The strap is identical to a classic watch strap. The Tweeky Bloc is on the external face of the bracelet, it is removable, which gives it an adapted use according to the situations.

How to refill Tweeky Bloc?

Location: Refill valve located on the inside of Tweeky Bloc

  1. Pull vertically on the valve tab

  2. Open the cap

  3. Fill the block while respecting the capacity of the tank

  4. Close the cap and insert the valve in its compartment

How does the Tweeky Bloc work?

  • Before your first use, make sure that there is enough gel in the tank

  • Remove or not the Tweeky Bloc from its base

  • Place the Tweeky Bloc in the palm of your hand between your thumb and little finger

  • Use the index and middle fingers downwards facing button

  • Exercez une pression pour délivrer une dose

The maintenance tips of the Tweeky Bloc?

  • Based on regular use, you can think about a frequency of 1 to 3 times per week

  • Recommended cleaning products:
    - Mild soap type "Marseille soap" (non-corrosive): run with warm water, apply the soap using a suitable brush, an old toothbrush can do the job too. Brush it over the entire surface of the unit.
    - Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
    - Alternatively you can also use antisseptic wipes

  • Do not expose to temperatures above 50 ° C.

Is the Tweeky Bloc waterproof?

Yes, the gel is contained in a waterproof base which makes the Tweeky Bloc waterproof.
However, always make sure that the filler cap is securely closed and correctly insert into its passenger compartment.

Where can I find the Tweeky Bloc and the Tweeky range?

  • Product range is available online:

  • Tweeky range will be soon available in pharmacies and drugstores. We will keep you informed of our partner distributors.

Is the hydroalcoholic solution supplied with the product?

  • The product is delivered without product so that you are free to pick your gel.

  • We can provide you with advice on health criteria in choosing your hydroalcoholic solution instituted by the Ministry of Health.

  • We advise you, for the sake of economy and depending on your use, to purchase a medium or a large quantity of gel (from 1000 ml to 3000 ml) now available online.

What type of gel?

  • We advise you to favor a semi-liquid gel. The gel is more concentrated and allows better control of the dose of a friction.

  • The choice of hydroalcoholic gel (i.e: Is the hydroalcoholic solution supplied with the product?)

Do we sell the Tweeky Bloc for kids?

Yes for children from 11 years old, the Tweeky Bloc remains the same, only the bracelet changes for the Tweeky Band model.